Of course I believe in Santa!

I was recently reading a magazine with a headline matching the season’s spirit: “He still believes in Santa!”. The article was featuring a well-known local artist who’s in his 40’s. Even if written with respect for the artist, the “catch” of the article’s title was obvious.. while, the first moment I laid my eyes on the headline, my organic reaction was “Well… of course he does! I believe in Santa too!”

How could I not?

I know, what’s REAL (such a relative term!) is personal and subjective – at least most of the times. So my beliefs are my choices and independent of what’s obvious.. (another very relative word).

Though there are times when, if you pay enough attention, you realize that besides your own creation (aka your reality), others’ creation becomes obvious and comes to add up to your reality, bringing it closer to “objective”, to the status of a fact.

I see this happening every year on Christmas time. Something happens around this time of the year. Not all, but many people I know (of which some notoriously grumpy) gradually switch – to a bigger or smaller extent – to joy, to a warmer heart and approach of others, to kindness and tolerance, to… love.

It is wonderful and thank God this happens, but what makes it occur? Why now? Why kind of only on Christmas? It’s not the meaning of this celebration, some people I know are not Christians and yet they turn to light around this time as well…

My understanding is that it’s Santa. This is Santa – this unseen spirit touching any heart which still left an opening for light. It’s an energy called Santa. The story of Santa is indeed a very nice wrapping for the reality called Santa, though identifying the story with its object created confusion in people’s minds… Which explains why so many are declared as non-believers, while every year, their heart immerses itself in this beautiful, for sure God-created, reality…

I practice awareness, so I am a believer 🙂

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