No “I have to”s

There’s nothing I (and you) HAVE TO do. Or be, or have, or feel…

This HAVE TO is a mix of words who’s use increased, it appears to me, in direct proportion with the speed of the times we live. Maybe, just maybe, we are assisting now to a slow decline of it – and of the frustrated energy generally created through it.

There’s really nothing that is obligatory. Everything is a choice. And of course, may times a choice impacts another choice, so if you realize you don’t have to do, or be, or have, anything of what others – or even you – said you HAVE TO, and you don’t do it (or be it, or have it) this might have consequences. Though… who said this is not for the better?

Let’s say in case your job’s in the army and you don’t follow an order, at least more than once, this most probably will lead to your exclusion from the army. So your choice regarding the order impacted your choice regarding working for the army – and you were aware of that, and you made that second choice consciously. Now you have the option, for instance, of giving your divine talents and gifts and energy to a cause or activity which spreads positive energy and values in the world… Just an example.

But the point with “not having to” is not to choose NOT to do/ be/ have. You may very well do that thing, or be that person, or have whatever is conventionally looked as wanted or needed one way or another. So you may choose YES. The key word here is CHOOSE, and this is the point with “not having to”.

Just be aware: you don’t HAVE to, you have the choice, you are in control of yourself and your life! You are not a victim, ever. You may choose yes or no, just do it or don’t do it not because you have to, but because you want to, because you choose to, because you are aware of having a choice and you use your right to choose.

Happy choosing! – always freely 🙂

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