What I am

Throughout the years, I kept running into different texts and authors saying that knowing who you are is a must in the process of growing.

So I started wondering who am I? Of course I could answer with my name, and address, and education and other elements who define us in society, but I could clearly feel this is not the right answer, even if at the time I could not say why. So I kept asking until it eventually became one of the great questions of my life.

And one day I was attending one of the courses of a great, unconventional education, and they were saying that every result in your life is a result of who you are, not of what you do. This blew my mind, and in this overwhelming understanding, I could suddenly see not who I am, but what I am. To me, it was a great revelation that is still with me today, but when I told my answer, THE answer, to people and friends around me, they were not only not touched, but puzzled and rather… disturbed, so beware, you might be the same when you hear my answer: I am what I am.

What I am can’t be defined, can’t be put into words, is somehow beyond language and probably even beyond the mind. For I did not even understand it with my mind, but with my heart (or my soul, or intuition, call it however you want) in a flash – a wonderful moment of the observer I later strove to become . What I am is like a majestic place of stillness, without any ego and without anything to say, or do, or prove, and without anything to fear, and anything to desire.

And that is what you are, too. This is my truth.

I thank God for this revelation which of course, is not my merit. I think it had a major contribution to getting rid of any fear I had left, through the years. Later on, I found out (via the mind and mental process this time)  that I am energy, as well as wonderful characteristics of this energy, and this understanding has its place and role in my growth.

My revelation, as well as my further understanding of the same reality, regards the essence of me and of us as humans. There’s really not so much to say about it, I find things are rather simple – though I see it’s important to have a good answer about it.

As about WHO I am, this will be discussed in a future post. Stay tuned 😉

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