Who I am

Following my understanding of what I am (see a previous post), I could see there is also a “WHO am I?” needing an answer.

In my readings and education I took, this “who” appeared with different names, depending on the source – just like many other realities we can find under more names at different authors. Most frequently it’s called ego, or identity, or the character or personage we’re playing here on Earth.

Most of my findings regarding this concept were that this personage implies, beyond identification data relevant for the society and physical traits genetically determined, a personality, character traits, habits etc. who “make you who you are”.

But the most relevant thing about this “who” that we are which I found – and embraced – which vibrates best when checked by intuition, is that, in fact, there is not a predetermined “who” we are (again, the “who” beyond the societal and physical aspects). There is no character trait or any other aspect about who we are that is inherited, despite the appearances. There’s nothing that can be REALLY seen or perceived about who we are. No one can use their senses (which are ultimately unreliable) or mind (which is ultimately subjective) as to see who we are. Who we are is not even who we prove at some point that we are, at least because deeds or events can be looked upon from so many vantage points.

Who we are is who we DECLARE we are. And this is who we are, equally for ourselves and for people’s knowledge. Most of the times people don’t have neither the resources, nor the ability, to check on who we might be, or on who we declare we are, and take our declaration as truth. Though there’s a catch: this declaration must be real for us; if we just play silly games and mislead people, a big price will be paid eventually and that’s losing their trust forever.

So we create who we are, and complete this creation with a declaration. How more simple can it be? We can be whoever we want, whenever we want. Isn’t life just great? 🙂

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